Emily Bucksath

Emily Bucksath


“Grace”: 1:53
500m Row: 1:37
Squat: 305 lb.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Emily

I am an 18 years old and originally from Columbia, Missouri. By luck, I stumbled into KCAC after searching for a new gym once my family relocated to Overland Park. I was a nervous wreck when I walked in that first day, but I was hooked from then on. My love for CrossFit has only grown stronger each day and I love to help and share what I know with others. I am able to coach because of all of my coaches who have so lovingly coached me, and helped me through this journey.

Athletic Background

As a child, I was involved in many sports ranging from dance to swimming. After many years of just dance, I finally found track in high school. I threw shotput for three years, determined to go Division 1. I suffered a fairly major stress fracture my junior year season, and then collegiate track was out of the window. When my family moved the summer before my senior year, I had to find a gym and I stumbled across 913; needless to say, this gym has never ceased to continue to impact my life.

Turning Point

I decided about a week into CrossFit that I truly loved it: the variety, the coaching, and the community. I realized that this is something I wanted to be fully invested in, as a competitor and as a coach though I never thought all of these dreams would come true so quickly. I am blessed to be able to do what I do everyday.


I am impassioned to coach anyone who needs that extra little (or big) push to help steer them towards their goal. I enjoy coaching children and young adults, because I feel as though I can relate to their level of dedication.
Also, I love to coach those who just need someone to help get them back on track, whether that means being able to do Olympic lifts again or simply run a full 400 meters. It is so great to hear, “It has been 15 years since I’ve been able to do that!”


My motivation to constantly strive for better comes from the Bible verse, Colossians 3:23-24. Essentially, the verse states that all we do should be done for the Lord. I struggle with making that my sole purpose and tend to get overwhelmed by circumstances that are not under my control. Though this mindset is not ideal, I believe that it has been beneficial by forcing me to overcome obstacles- both mental and physical.