Francisco Toyo

Francisco Toyo


Workout / Skill / Strength What you can do
Snatch I can do it with virtuosity

Crossfit level 1 trainer

Crossfit level 2 trainer

Natural gas engineer (Venezuela).

About Francisco

Started this journey of coaching others in Venezuela (2013), then moved to San Juan Capistrano, California to learn from a good coach better tools to help me coach others efficiently, till now a days that I have this awesome opportunity to coach with my friends in this awesome facility (Kansas City Athletic Club) this fulfilled my heart 🙂

Athletic Background

Player of the Venezuelan national rugby team (2014-2016)
Crossfit athlete since 2013

Turning Point

That dream to do what you love it’s what really driven me to come here and have the opportunity to train and coach others while hustle everyday with a hardwood floors small business. that help me provides my family in (Venezuela), now a days having the worst philosophical flow ever (communism).


More than 5 years of coaching others had taught me that Crossfit change life’s, I really could see that Crossfit can improve capacity to move large loads over long distances, and to do so quickly. is this what I really enjoy seeing on that space full of positive vibes while fighting to be a better version of ourself.