Dr Ralph Cardin

Dr Ralph Cardin



Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified Acupuncturist

Applied Kinesiologist

FAKTR certified

Crossfit Level One

Crossfit Spot the Flaw course

Crossfit Scaling course

Crossfit Lesson Plan course

Crossfit Judges course

About Ralph

I have lived Kansas area my entire life. I am married to wonderful a woman, Heather (an adaptive athlete) and we have raised four great young men. We have ran a successful chiropractic clinic for over 20 years integrating physical medicine, movement and nutritional wellness into a cohesive and unique healthcare approach coaching many back to health. CrossFit has become a passion of mine later in life thus allowing me to continue my quest mentally and physically to push my limits to increased longevity and wellness. I have always believed that we can live longer, happier and more productive lives and I feel that CrossFit gives me that vehicle to change more lives.

Athletic Background

I was a classic multi-sport athlete growing up. Both as a recreation and competitive athlete, I played 4 sports through high school excelling in 3 (football, basketball and track while continuing to play baseball recreationally) to the point of being able to compete in them at a college level. Once done with my competitive collegiate career I found that I didn’t know how to exercise for recreation or general fitness. This lead me down a road of inactivity until I found triathlons about 20 years ago and threw myself into getting myself back into shape after having been inactive and allowing myself to get out of shape! Which lead to another round of burn out and inactivity due to the competitive nature of how I perceived exercise! Until I found CrossFit around 2012 and discovered I could fulfill my competitive nature yet never get burned out due to the intrinsic nature of never being able to master all things CrossFit!

Turning Point

Once I started in clinical practice as a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic I soon realized that I need to be the example I was requesting of my patients. I had let myself get out of shape and gained a few extra pounds. I knew initially that diet was going to be the cornerstone of my own change and so I got trained by Dr Barry Sears and become certified in The Zone Diet. This has lead me down a long journey of health and wellness utilizing many dietary approaches with my patients through the years to help them achieve measurable and objective results. As I continued to guide and direct changes through diet I realized I needed to add more movement strategies such as exercise not only for myself but for my patients to help achieve maximum health and wellness. That is when I started training for triathlons and adding strength work for myself and my patients.


I believe every person has the ability to obtain spectacular health and wellness through proper nutrition and properly prescribed movement that fits not only their body style but their goals for fitness and wellness. I love the challenge to assess and recommend the proper stimulus to create health where there was no hope previously. I love seeing people reach their maximum potential living the best life they can live through proper diet and proper movement.


I am motivated by my family to be the best version of myself mentally, emotionally and physically. Life brings us each a unique set of gifts, talents and challenges. Through these moments I grow inspired by my family for their own quest to become better and to inspire others to be better.